Do you know that you can become a millionaire in a short period of time? Do you know there’s a hidden shortcut to being wealthy and financially free?

And you don’t have to work like a slave for someone else for 40-60 hours a week, only to grow old to find out that you have wasted all your life in your job – making money for your boss.

If you have looked at other websites, then you need to know that most of them are sharing with you the TURTLE path to become a millionaire. Which means that you will only become a millionaire in 20-30 years.

Here are some of the common advices you always hear…

Get a good degree, get a high paying job, save 10% of your income, buy stocks, live beyond your means, clear your credit cards…

But do you know where do you end up with using these advices?

Most of the time, you’ll end up becoming a millionaire when you are 70 years old. And this is because these advices only helps you to become a millionaire after decades of savings.

If you want to become a millionaire within 1-5 years, you would need to find out the SHORTCUT path. And this is what our website would be working towards to help you become a millionaire in 1-5 years time. Unless you don’t mind becoming a millionaire at the age of 70 years old.

Ultimate Millionaire Formula

There is one formula that can help you to become a millionaire. If you are constantly improving yourself through reading self-improvement books, you, you might be familiar with this formula.

These are the 4 steps to move towards being a millionaire. We always start off with the right mindset. Have you ever wondered why a friend is able to become a millionaire easily while another friend is struggling just to survive?

Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Principle #1: Millionaire is a result,  so what is the cause?

Millionaires become millionaires not because they sit down there and do nothing, but because they have planted the seeds that produce the millionaire fruits. We need to change our inner state before we can change our destiny.

And the number #1 myth about becoming a millionaire is that if you are going to work for a job that pays you $1, 000 – $4, 000 a month, you’ll never become a millionaire in 10 – 20 years.

If you would like to know more about millionaire mindset, subscribe to my newsletter or read more in this website.

Millionaire Strategies

Millionaire Strategy #1: Goal of $1, 000, 000 = Number of units sold + Profit Per Unit

This is one of the most critical factor of becoming a millionaire the fast way. It is not by investing in mutual fund or unit trust, nor is it by saving hard to make a million but rather it is by the formula above.

If you can make a profit of $1 for selling Product X, then you need to sell 1, 000, 000 units of Product X to make a million.

You make a profit of $1 because the value of you selling product X is worth $1. If you can provide more value, then you can increase $1 to a larger profit margin.

For you to sell a million units all by yourself, then it will take you a very long time. You would need to leverage on vehicles for you to sell a million units and the best vehicle is using the internet. As you can reach out to millions of people from the internet, there is no problem hitting a million units of sale.

Hence this is the reason many common people become millionaires by leveraging on the internet to reach out to the world. Of course, internet is not just the only way for you to reach out to a million people, there are other ways for you to do so. But internet provides the lowest cost to reach to out to the world.

Take Massive Action

To become a millionaire, you need to take massive action to work towards it. Simply by dreaming to become a millionaire won’t help you at all. You need to prepare to work 60 hours a week to become a millionaire.

You would also need to find out ways on how you can increase your value by increasing your product value, and also tap on different mediums to reach out to more people.

Does it mean that you will definitely succeed when you take massive action?

No, it doesn’t happen that way, you will definitely fail along the way, but as long as you treat it as a learning experience and improve on your strategy, you will definitely succeed.

That is why you see the feedback loop towards the strategy in the diagram above.

Who Is A Millionaire?

To be able to become a millionaire, you must first understand the truth about money and the significance of money. How is money created in the first place? Why do we need money?

Before someone invented money, man used to trade things with each other for foods, clothes, and even other items. Like if you want oranges and you only have apples, you can trade your apples with someone who have oranges. But what if the person who has oranges don’t want any apples, how are you going to get your apples?

In the end, money is being created where we can use it to buy things. As money can be used to buy other items, it becomes very convenient for trading to take place between one another. No longer do we need to exchange apples with oranges when the other person don’t want oranges at all. They can now trade with money where they could use the money for buying other items.

But here’s another question, can we use an orange to buy a house?

This is an obvious question that I’m sure you know the answer. That’s because the value of an orange doesn’t worth the value to buy a house.

And that goes with becoming a millionaire too. In order to become a millionaire, you, as an individual, need to be able to produce value of worth a million. The reason why most people are a millionaire after 10-20 years is because they take 10-20 years to produce the value of a million dollar.

Hence, in this website, we hope to show you how you can accelerate this path so that you could become a millionaire in just a year or a few years.

No Exact Prerequisites

You might be wondering: Am I cut to be a millionaire? There’s an easy way to find out. Just go ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have millionaire relatives?
  • Did you do well in school?
  • Haven’t you experienced financial problems before?
  • Do you have an office job?

If you answered “no” to each of the questions, then you are definitely one of the best candidates to become a millionaire. None of the factors above really matter.

According to studies, majority of millionaires did not inherit their riches, were “C” students, have had financial crises before, and do not work for someone else. So if you’re dreaming of becoming a millionaire one day, well, maybe you are on the right path after all. But don’t just dream about it, act to get it!

No Stoke of Luck Needed

Perhaps nothing else would hurt the feelings of a millionaire than being told he or she just got lucky. While it’s true that some people became instant rich because of winning the grand prize of the lottery or a TV game show, the “real” millionaires, on the other hand, worked so hard to get to where they are.

Such millionaires didn’t just wake up one day to see and enjoy a hefty amount of cash in their bank accounts. It took them time and energy, and even some failures, along the way to fortune. Being a millionaire is not about having good luck; it’s about making good choices on your way there.

No Undisclosed Secrets

Of course every millionaire might have put in a little trade secret of their own, but the truth is, there are really no known secrets to becoming one yourself. Even millionaires themselves are very much enthusiastic about sharing their life experiences, in their attempt to help out others also reap financial success.

If you’ve been consistently following tips on how to become a millionaire and still not getting there, it may only be because of two things: you’re not patient enough, or you’re picking up the wrong tips all this time. So if your become-a-millionaire strategies right now involve getting into large-scale businesses you’re not too keen about or trying to be too much like a popular millionaire without adequate research, then you may be treading the wrong path since the start.

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  1. @jennice: First of all, learn how to spell “millionaire” correctly before asking how to become one. That goes for probably 67% of everyone who commented. First step to sucess: PROPER SPELLING/GRAMMAR…………

    Second, It was a mistake googling “How to become a Millionaire” because not I nor anyone else who stumbles across this lame website is going to find the key ingredient for their rich and successful recipe.

    Creativity has become the basis for success. If you have none, you most likely won’t go far. That’s what I have learned.


  2. Hi im 19 years old, i own my own business selling things online, i make nearly 5,000 a month from one business. What you need to understand is i have more than one business so all of the businesses add together to make one big profit sum. It takes alot of work to get suppliers that will give you good prices, to get a good name for yourself. But im 19 and i have done it. I am not going to boast about how many businesses i have or anything like, because i dont want to rub anyones nose’s in it. But the whole point of this is build up your business portfolio!

  3. dont try to be a millionare is not worth it it brings to much problems plus have you guys notice whats happenning to the economy no body is buying stuff everybody is saving up money theres no cycle living the poor even more poor when was the last time you bouth tamales from a lady…

  4. The fastest tips to become a millionaire :
    1. Start savings now.
    2. When you earn a money, don’t waste it, saved it.
    3. Invest it in a profitable investment that makes you earn a passive income.
    4. Making relationship to the rich.
    5. Lots a pray..hehehe

  5. Hi Maryam!!! Come and visit Pakistan. Invest with me in various businesses and become a rich person in few years. because the problem is I have not enough capital. You can contact me on my email: if you wish. Best Wishes!!!

  6. Edu: You don’t need ciggarettes or drugs to make you feel better, you have accomplished alot and should be proud of yourself. I think you should stop smoking and go out with your family and cherish the time you have now. You might not know this but your talking to a 10 yr old. Your probably thinking to yourself, ” i don’t need advise from a little canadian boy.” and your right but what ever solution you have for yourself, I want you to just achive past your goals you set, not finacially, just physically. I know as i see it you seem depressed or sluggish because you have it all but i believe you’ll make a difference. For me i set a goal that i was going to become a millionaire, raise 2 twin girls , get a wife, have a 1960 chevy chevelle and have a beagle puppy with the name of cupcake. If i were you i’d get a large portion to a cheridy to breast cancer. My friend just got out of the hospital just a month ago, and shes coming to school on Monday im soo excited to finally see her again, she has a whole bunch to catch up on. think wisely and dont forget to stop smoking, i garrenty you’ll feel 10xs more proud of yourself, promise.

  7. i wish i was rich, but when you are poor in a country like Jamaica, need not say more. I’m gonna make it one day though, and not when i’m 70.

  8. Wow, great stuff. But surely if everyone strives to become a millionaire then who is going to buy everyone’ products. I am a believer but have decided to start by critiquing the very idea that may one day make me a millionaire.

  9. hello.
    im so bored.
    i have no idea what to do.
    can someone give me a thousand dollars, with one extra cent?
    thxs :) Ivan
    if that’s how u become a millionaire, why aren’t u one?

  10. Hey everybody!! I can tell you the most important thing to become a millionaire is to to really believe that you can do it WITHOUT any doubt. I’m 20years old and a millionaire…I got advice from an old Lady, who herself is a multimillionaire…Since I was a child I had always this feeling, that I will become a sound crazy, but really, I believed in it till now..and look where I am now…I’m not gonna tell you my “great Idea”, but I can tell you: If you wanna become a millionaire believe it and feel it, as if you are already one, it’s always good to know more than one language and travel around different countries or cities and have good relationships to other people there, who will serve you as a promoter for your “Idea”, use facebook to attract more people, go clubbing a lot an make promotion (f.e tell the Dj to make promotion..etc)…It’s not only the idea you have..the point is, that you have to get everybody’s attention promotion is the best thing to make your things roll…and another thing, which I haven’t done yet, but I will try it: whatever you are producing or selling…try to get close to celebrities and give them your product as a gift…if you are lucky the person will like it and maybe weeks later you see your product in a magazin…Just really believe in it…You don’t have to be the smartest person on earth, you just need to know the secret of live and how to make it work for u 😉 …There is also this book and the movie : The secret, read it or watch it…it’ll help you achieve a lot!

  11. I am amazed at how many people are so clueless when it comes to this subject. Teenagers claiming to be earning thousands per day?…. I don’t think so.
    I’m a 50 year old multimillionaire and I can tell you that making money is one thing, but keeping it is another. Making money is easy once you understand the universal principal of “adding value”.
    You want to learn? Then read books like “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think and Grow Rich”. Find a mentor.
    I piece of advise to you all – “Do NOT beleive what people say, just look at what they do”.
    One day soon, I will be launching a website that helps people acheive their dreams of financial freedom. It will not be a sales site, just a step by step guide on how to think and act like a millionaire. My journey and how I got to where I am.
    Until then, good luck to all.

  12. no one is gonna become a millionare wit this website not unles you put your ass to work no body becomes rich wit a website you neeed too work for it and set your goals ….if einstein was bearly a millionare what makes us think we can be millionare you need too work hard and be ready :)

  13. Am 17 and poeple say to me that i have long time un till i have to decide what i want to do but my dream is to provide my family and my self with money they havent even dreamed of and have a big buisness, but i allways didnt know and still dont know were to start. I have a lot of ideas and am just away to purchase this guide, but for people like my self which are young and dont know what to do then just do a collage course to do with Buisness Managment, administration etc… Raed alot about buisness as it isnt easy, but work your a** of for say about 10 years but then have a life you always wanted your family to have. I really would love to talk to people like me so my email is:

  14. hey can someone please give me some advise.. im only 21 and i have a single mother and a family i would like to help so money would not hurt.. i really wannna know is there is anything i can do to have my business or somthing that would help me bring income.. i know its not easy and money is not everything but i have big dreams out of life and i pray i can tell my mother to stop cleaning bathrooms for the rest of her life.. someone please help.. email me or look me up on facebook

  15. Well I belive one of my relatives are a Multi Millionaire, I’m thinking of starting my own buisness I’m only young, my parents don’t have a lot of money nor does most of my family. I’d like to be a Multi Millionaire, I really do want it, I belive in myself that I’ll do it.

    But I need some tips on what I can start my buisness on?

  16. Im alone. with 200cr asset., no parent no relative. i am handicape also
    tell me how i spend this all. no girls willing to marry me tooo.

  17. The easiest way in becoming a millionaire is to
    1, do the lottery ( you never know )!!!!
    2, rob a bank !! ( not so good if you get arrested )!!!
    3, make a site like this and charge a subscription ( safe and easy )

    Here’s a real challenge to anyone who does do a site like this …….. Make me a millionaire ! I have thrown down the gauntlet !!!! You get 12 months to do it , I will work as hard or as long as you want ( I currently work 80 hours a week , 60 wouldn’t bother me one bit ) ! And if you do it ??? I’ll give you half back , so you could in theory make half a million and prove to every one ….. It can be done !!!!! Any challengers ? Mmmmmm!!!!

  18. I wanted to become a millionaire and found my job as an investment banker at 24 a waste of time. I have a Bsc, MSc and a Phd in mathematics from a no2 uk university. You know how i maid my first million when i was 28. I dropped out bought some cheap land and made charcoal, drank lots of whiskey and decided to keep chickens. Later i kept pigs and then i bought a run down estate. I lived in a caravan and renovated the house and gardens. I now have people visit my house and farm, by my chickens and pigs (bacon) and i have been making just a million a year since. I cant help feel its a combination of luck, and of doing what the above book instructs. I read the book out of interest after becoming a millionaire and although i had not read it, it is the actual path that i strangely followed.

  19. @ Edu, smoking 2 packs of cigarette will kill you very soon. stop it, cigarette won’t help. you know dude your problem is not that hard.. you got the power.. use it! and if you want to live your life the way you want it, go on do it! how? leverage your self. duplicate your self. you can do it.:-)


  20. Hello there i am 14 years of age and want to become a millionare. I understand the work and dedication that needs to be put in and i would have the concentration and dedication for it. My friend is a millionare and when i go to his house it just makes you think that enything is possible because his dad left home at 15 with no qualifications i am good at saveing and i was thinking of makeing profit of items and then moveing on to property developing which i think would speed the process up but still allso buy and sell items to make profit thanx for reading i hope i have encoraged enyone eny of my ideas

  21. Hi everybody I’m mani and I am rite now 14 years old my life long dream was to be come a rapper I can rap really good along with that dream is to own many cars like rolls Royce maybach ferrari lambos etc I am trying to start my own music group like young money which is called Phantom League can anyone please get the word out for me? I want to meet other rappers and make millions thank u very much it will mean the world to me

  22. Millionaire is just a way to think ,Becoming millionaire is just a other way to think ,Having a million is just another way to think ,But having a million and donating itto the one in need it’s just another way to thinks ,Spending a million before you died in just another way to thinks ,BUT THINKING ABOUT HOW TO GET THAT WEALTH IS NOT THE WAY YOU THINKS ITS THE FACT THAT YOU ARE THE ONE WITH IT AND YOU DON’T CARE WEATHER YOU ARE OR NOT,
    The moral is your’s to discover ;= is money!

  23. listen all u ppl will never be a milllionare so move on and stop dreaming man u all need to just be at peace wheather you make 8,000 bucks to 0 bucks a month all you need to do is injoy life and make the best out of your life listen to my advice ive gone throught it all and i stiil ended up with nothing but that dont mean im gunna be grumpy or wallow in my sorrow n btw im 11 so if a kid says that then u aduilts need to get control have a good day hope i hellped.

  24. Hi everybody before you actually want to get in to the whole business thing prepare yourself and then do it what ever your goal is make sure what ever business you choose try your best and am sure you will achive it if anyone needs help just write and I will give you my email and am happy now the business is going ver well I work in Dubai that’s where my main office is were. Produce evreything and I also have a company in china and thats where I think everyone should start of because the money is now all in china I hope this has helped you all very much please take your time to read this

  25. To be rich you need to set your goal and then achive it first start a small little business and then make it big from place to place do it and then I am sure you will become big.

  26. Hey everyone I’m 16 years of age and want to become a millionare. I understand the work and dedication that needs to be put in and i would have the concentration and dedication for it. If any millionaires out there know what it takes please email me @atahlil2 it would be great to have a mentor

  27. I lost two ira because i have to pay bank . I owe the bank . My saving account is much like boat and it is sinking slow .it is not hit bottom yet . I dont know how to be million . i am living senior apt with HUD . If i become million and i will change saving account because i dont want hud get know . I have pay all of bills to clean up and more easy life . I am deaf. and i dont know how . Before i move into apt i was happy and comforable . Now it is sinking slowest . If i get hit million and will be cash and put in safe deps in my apt . then get change to someone take care my account . I can be more happy control better .
    Thank you

  28. Hey Suzi
    Maybe your multi-millionare old lady friend can adopt use all and we can vacation in Jamacia with Zaga Zoe I remember the days when the banks were shoving 17% in your pockets Reagan-omics killed the “red threat” everyone was working for a honest living and if you knew how to save WOW Time and compounding is still the way to make money that rusty old taxi is broken down now property has been devalued and the USA and most of the world has no more careers for the low and middle class, just summer jobs for the masses Nice lets all work at Walmart selling Chinese crap to build our nest eggs and hope the power stays on while keeping warm in front of the oven tonight zip up those sleeping bag children sweet dreams

  29. I want to be a millionaire. Can you please gives me all the info to start.
    E – Mail me

  30. Please have someone proof-read your article. “What happens if the other person don’t want apples” is not proper grammar (which I would expect a millionaire to use). Also, your apples/oranges metaphor is mixed up in places, such as saying you have apples and the other person has oranges but they don’t want apples so how are you going to get your apples. Makes the whole article seem illegitimate.

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