You know, we always heard of people talking about delaying satisfying your needs and wants to a future time. For instance, we delayed our desire to buy a BMW, a 30 inch LCD television or even going for a luxurious holiday?

Many financial planning experts or even successful motivators would have told you that you would need to practice delayed gratifications in order to succeed in the long run, but is that the truth? Is that how one will succeed?

Let us start by thinking about the definition of gratification. In short, it’s about being gratified. It’s about satisfying a need or a want. A need can be something we require on the most basic requirement for survival whereas a want can be something that we dream to have.

If what we need and what we want is something that is going to cost us – whether be it money or time, then we would always need to practise delayed gratification.

Come to think about it, if what we want or need does not depend on things or any object, then there’s no such thing as delayed gratification. In another words, we are not materialistic and our happiness or what we value in life would depend on the process rather than the results.

For a moment, do you remember a time when you are having your lowest point in life yet now when you look back, it’s one of your happiest moment in life?

You see, you feel happy because of the people around you and spending quality time with them.

Think about it this way, if your happiness or your desire no longer depends on the material stuff, there won’t be anything much for gratification.

Some of the richest people in this world live by this philosophy, even when they become rich, they still live in the same place when they are young.

If you practise this too, you will realize that you will become much more successful and you will be much happier.

The most important thing is you will enjoy the process of becoming a millionaire.

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