“Sales Job?”

“Asking my friends and relatives to buy products from me?”

“I can certainly imagine their rejecting reaction when they look at me as if I’m begging them to buy the products from me.”

Having the opportunity to be in a few sales job before like insurance and real estate, I could understand the pain and rejection how most people feel when they get a sales job.

But having to build an online business that is heavily dependable on sales, I could understand how powerful being a salesperson is.

When you master how to sell effectively, you can easily make a lot of money in a short period of time.

That’s exactly what I’ve learned when I built my online businesses.

Let me share with you some of the best sales job that can make you a millionaire in a short period of time.

a) Headhunter – Recently I have a friend who joined a law headhunter firm and after talking to a few colleagues, she realized one of the top colleagues is making $30, 000 a month!

And in her second month, she is already making $6, 000 from her commission. And she is confident she could make more than that when she closes more deals.

Having said that, it is very important to know that different headhunter firms pay out different commissions. Law headhunter firm tends to have fatter commission because lawyers are generally paid more. And companies paid a certain commission based on the employee’s level of yearly salary.

Likewise, headhunter firm for technology CEOs also pays out quite a huge commission as these talented CEOs are harder to source.

b) Real Estate
– Most realtors in various countries get paid big amount of commissions from their sales. For example, if the realtor sells a house that cost $1 million, most of the time, he gets a commission of around 1 or 2% of the sale value which is around $10, 000 or $20, 000.

I have another friend who recently joined the real estate industry, he was pretty good in marketing as he was excellent in internet marketing too.

Within 3-4 months in the industry, he was consistently the top seller of their team and there was a week where he closed 14 deals!

I didn’t ask him how much he make but just a simple estimation –

A smaller house here in Singapore costs around $500, 000 – $700, 000 on average. Let’s assume he made $5, 000 from each sale, 14 deals would mean SGD $70, 000 in a week!

He’s definitely making a hell lot of money compared to people who worked so hard for the entire year!

Pharmaceutical Sales Job is another incredible profitable sales job that one could easily make a lot of money with it. I don’t have any friends doing this job but if you just search online, you could find that this job is rated as one of the highly paid commission jobs!

c) Insurance/Financial Advisor – Being a insurance broker before, I know there are many people who make a lot of money from selling insurance or financial products.

The best thing about the commission for insurance or financial advisor is that the commissions are usually recurring. It means that if you make a sale today, you get paid monthly for the sale.

At the start, it could probably be slower for you to make a lot of money, but if you do it consistently, the commissions build up and you will notice that your income starts to grow dramatically.

The thing about the insurance industry is that different countries have different rules and regulations as well as their commission structures may be different. Some countries have totally banned commission based insurance.

d) Digital Advertising Sales Job – With the increase of users using internet, the demand for digital advertising is increasing too. Do you know thousands of businesses spend thousands of dollars advertising on Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo/MSN each month? And this amount is increasing every year?

I have friends who set up their own companies to help businesses advertise online and it could be as profitable as making 5-6 figures from these businesses.

Sometimes I do take in special clients who wants to advertise online too and I can tell you that internet is a growing industry with a lot of money to be made.

That’s all for the top paying sales job if you are looking for one. If you read closely to what i’ve shared with you, there are a few things to take note of when choosing your sales job.

1) The sales commission

The amount of sales commission is extremely important in making you a millionaire. Think about this – If you are just going to get $1 for commission for making a sale, you would probably need to close 100 sales a day to make $100 a day.

That is going to take quite a lot of hard work right if you are doing face to face?

But if you are making $10, 000 per sale and all you need is 1 sale a month, and you will make $10, 000. Hence the amount of commission you get from each sale is extremely important.

2) How easily you can get make a sale

The previous point we talked about the amount of commission, but for this point, we talked about how easily you can make a sale.

Even if there is a sales job that gives $100, 000 in commission per sale but if it is almost impossible to make a sale, then it’s simply pointless to have the $100, 000 commission job.

However, if the product is extremely useful and you probably need to just ask in order to get a sale, then even if it’s $10 commission per sale, it’s probably very easy for you to make $500 a day.

In conclusion, you need to balance the amount of commission with how easy you can get a sale from the sales job.

3) Recurring Commissions

Some sales job allow you to make commission from the job over and over again once you seal the deal. Usually insurance broker are able to do that.

For some other sales job, as long as the customers keep paying, you get the commissions too.

This could be a very powerful method to make you a millionaire in a short time too as the recurring commissions can snowball and become huge amount when you keep getting more sales.

That’s all for this post on 7 Figures Sales Job! If you have encounter sales job which you think can make you a millionaire in a short period of time, do share with us.

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