A billionaire has one billion units of any currency. But, what does it take to have one billion? It is not easy. Definitely motivation, hard work, perseverance, strategy and winning attitude come into play. No one can claim becoming a billionaire without sweat. Not unless, by sheer luck of fate, you’ve won in a lottery. But then again, even the lottery operator does not give out that insanely huge amount of money. So it comes back to, hard work.

Billionaire does not claim its victory over a bed of roses. He may be a subject of public’s envy but it does not come easy. What people see is the fame and fortune. But come take a closer look, what does it really take to reach that status? What are his secrets to becoming a millionaire then ultimately, a billionaire?

On the outset, he may have thought of working not to get rich, but just to get a heads start. He may have set a goal, one step at a time. Upon reaching a certain stage, here comes another. He never stops working. As if everything is not enough. That’s what fuels the engine.  He needs to go further thus, work harder. Upon reaching some point where he accumulated enough, he then started to invest his money. After earning some decent amount, then he started to invest it in different baskets. Now comes investing for the future, big time. That’s where the ball starts rolling.

He has a clear view of the future. What he wants to be and where they wanted to be.  He does not concede, much more accept defeat. Definitely, surrender is not on the list of his vocabulary.  The sea may be rough many times, but he weathers them all. He stays focus and solid despite the hard times. He seizes every possible opportunity without second thought. Every centavo counts. That is where he builds his empire. He has the keen eye from the smallest opportunity to a million dollar investment.

It is a no brainer, though under stated, that one of his strong moral fiber is frugality. He lives as if he is just an ordinary person. He may not have his own private plane, but travels on commercial flights. He does not own a yacht. Some of them live on the same house for forty years. They even drive an old car. They don’t flaunt their assets. They are not a walking vault. They live as low profile as possible. No expensive limousines, private jet or big mansions in famous places around the world.

One more facet where we really have to applaud these billionaires, not just for their tremendous effort and hard work, are their heart for the less fortunate. They donate vast amount of money without fuss. Some of them even wanted to remain unnamed while helping for a very good cause. Happiness and contentment comes in, when they are sharing what they have.

These separate the billionaires from the rest; the motivation, incomparable perseverance, strategy and winning attitude. It took them time but the enormous effort, focus and unwavering hard work in building their empire have finally paid off.

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