My name is George Tee and I’m the webmaster of many websites as well as

When I was still a teenager, I made a goal – To become a millionaire at the age of 26. And ever since the age of 19, I’ve been working my way in search of how to become a millionaire.

At the point of writing (at 24), I’m still far from my goal but I’ve already making 5 figures income with internet.

I created this blog because I used to be a financial planner (working in the insurance industry) and graduated with a Business Management with a finance major. Hence, I know the paths both from the “normal” way as well as from the “street-smart” way.

And I would like to share with you all of my knowledge in this blog so as to help you to become a millionaire too.

Do I make money from this website?

Yes, I do make money from this website because it is ultimately what is needed to keep this website with the best quality content that you will ever get from anywhere else.

But everything in this blog would be truthful, sincere and helpful to you as this is what I believed in.

What You Can Learn From This Website?

My strengths lie in both internet marketing (make money online) and investing (which I learn during my university from hedge fund professor). I do trade a little in the past but nowadays, I seldom do so.

So you can expect a lot from me if you are interested in making money online and investing safely with high returns.

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  1. Hello George,

    I find your site very interesting since we share the same goals of becoming a millionaire. Hope we can support each other’s site. :) Check out mine soon when you find the time.

    Good luck to our goals!

  2. how to become a millionaire in months. money is not coming in like I want it to.bills need to be payed. Rent, light, cable,

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